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Hi, I’m Yvonne and I am your Chelsea Register Office Wedding Photographer.

The following wide range of posts in this blog category, showcases why I am genuinely regarded as an expert in Chelsea Register Office wedding photography. I have photographed more civil weddings at Chelsea Register Office than at any other London wedding venue. Because Chelsea Register Office has hosted the weddings of many famous people, brides and grooms from all over the country and even all over the world, come to London to tie the knot at here. The blog posts in this category reflect this diversity, with many multi-cultural couples, as well as brides and groom in all age groups. Love puts no limit on age, and my most mature wedding clients have been in their 70s!

It is this diversity that attracted me to photographing intimate Chelsea Register Office weddings in the first place, and over the years I have built up a great relationship with Borough of Chelsea and Kensington Registrars, and know most of the local wedding venues intimately. Not only that, but I know all the best local spots for photographing natural and relaxed wedding portraits, taking full advantage of the famous Chelsea and King’s Road setting.

Every couple has their own story, whether they are foreign visitors living in London, mature couples on their second marriages, young brides and grooms eloping from all over the UK, pregnant brides getting married just weeks before the babies are due, and London couples taking advantage of having such a lovely iconic building to be married in – it’s all part of life’s rich tapestry, and ensures that I never get bored with my work. No matter how many civic ceremonies I have photographed here, every day is different. And I love it!

You won’t find a more experienced Chelsea Register Office Wedding Photographer anywhere, and that’s a fact! :-)

There’s nothing quite like the light during a winter wedding. Looking at these images, you wouldn’t believe they were captured in the middle of December! This winter has been unseasonably mild, but it helped that our bride was so full of wedding adrenaline, she just didn’t feel the chill! One of the lovely things about…

As an expert in photographing weddings at Chelsea Register Office, many of my clients are international folks living in London. Yet in the many many weddings I have photographed at Chelsea Register Office, I have never yet had German clients. As a German national myself, I’m surprised it’s taken this long to finally have some…