About ME..

A keen photographer from a very young age, my career actually first took me into the field of fashion, working as a model booker, and then into a life on the front line of investment banking. But it was in 2004 that I decided to follow my heart and establish YBPHOTOGRAPHIC.


I was born in Germany, then spent some time living in Indonesia, before finally settling in London which has been my home ever since.


I love photography as an art form and am continually striving to improve my art to ensure that my work stays fresh and that my clients get the very best of my creative juice.


My experience in working in fashion helped train my eye for photographic composition, beauty and style, whilst the years spent in the frantic environment of the City dealing room, have taught me patience, calm and resolve in the face of drama and excitement - qualities which often come in handy on a wedding day!


Outside work I have to confess to a minor obsession with all things food and cooking related, especial baking sourdough bread (even before lockdown!). I love to cook for my other half and my friends, love to eat, love to read cookbooks, all accompanied by a nice glass of wine!

The last few years, like so many others, I have also really learnt to appreciate my garden and I'm hugely enjoying growing me own vegetables and flowers.


My guilty secret is that I love pulp crime and legal fiction - so to switch my brain back on, I play bridge most weeks, and even enjoy the occasional pub quiz.


So that's me. :-)


There is a lot of information contained within this website and there are 100s of images in the different galleries. So I hope you'll have a look and enjoy. You can also see regular updates of my most recent work on my blog.

To book me for a portrait shoot, to ask me to photograph your wedding, or just to say "hi", please get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you!