Chelsea Pensioners as your elopement witnesses

A mature bride and groom standing on the steps of Chelsea Old Town Hall under see-through umbrellas, after their rainy day elopement wedding.

So you’re eloping to London. Why not have Chelsea Pensioners as your elopement witnesses?

I’ve photographed lots of super intimate weddings and elopements, who have chosen to have these fabulous characters at their wedding. Chelsea Pensioners not only look fabulous in their smart red dress tunics, but they also have great stories to tell.

Many of my clients elope and ask me if I can make suggestions for witnesses, or whether they can just “ask someone on the street”. Well the truth is, Londoners are impatient folk on the whole. There aren’t many occasions when someone is just idling around the King’s Road with time to spare to attend your wedding. I’m always happy to sign the register for you, but that will still leave you one witness short.

By booking Chelsea Pensioners as your elopement witnesses, you take the guesswork out of your wedding plan. It’s one less thing for you to worry about on the day. I can’t think of a nicer bunch of “strangers” to join you for your ceremony. They certainly won’t be strangers for long.

And so this is what Jan and Vince did for their elopement at Chelsea Old Town Hall. The rain was not going to stop these two from enjoying themselves, and they had a great time chatting with John and Walther. They are two of the most cheerful clients I had all year, and were a complete pleasure to work with. I think these photographs reflect their jolly nature.

Chelsea Pensioners arrive at Chelsea Register Office to be witnesses.

Fun bride and groom in the rain at their elopement with Chelsea Pensioners as their witnesses.

Chelsea Pensioners as you elopement witnesses for your chelsea wedding.

Chelsea Pensioners as your Elopement Witnesses for Chelsea Register Office wedding.

Chelsea Pensioners witness a Chelsea elopement.

The two witnesses for this elopement are two Chelsea Pensioners, wearing their red uniforms and medals.

Two stylish Chelsea Pensioners can be your wedding witnesses or elopement witnesses, signing the register and throwing confetti, should you want that on the Kings Road steps.

A couple hold up their marriage certificate after their Chelsea wedding in front of two of the famous red-coated Pensioners.

Two Chelsea Pensioners throw confetti over an eloping couple on the steps of Chelsea Register Office on the Kings Road.

An eloping couple stand on the Kings Road after their civil marriage ceremony, ignoring the rainy weather.

Fun, rainy day wedding portraits at Chelsea Register Office.