Chelsea Register Office – Brydon Room Wedding Ceremony

A couple emerges from Chelsea Register Office after their civil wedding, They're surrounded by their guests.

When you specialise in small weddings like I do, you end up photographing a LOT of wedding ceremonies. These are mostly booked following an indepth telephone conversation which gives me the opportunity to learn all about my clients plans. And that works really well. But it does mean I very rarely get to meet my clients before their wedding day.

So it was a really lovely surprise to bump into this lovely couple at the Chelsea Old Town Hall relaunch event. They had come to see the freshly refurbished Brydon Room, ahead of their wedding ceremony later on in the summer.

As one of the most frequent visitors to Chelsea Register Office, I was there to photograph the event. I also had a little stall to show my work to prospective clients. I saw this gorgeous couple browsing my work and asked if I could help with their photography. To my delight, Groom G replied “we have already booked you. We love your work”.

We had a lovely chat on the day, and I was really looking forward to photographing these two lovebirds’ wedding.

On the day..

The day did not disappoint! It was a beautifully sunny day. And Bride D absolutely ROCKED this lacy little number of a wedding dress. Our groom brushed up pretty nicely too, in his stylish blue three piece suit. His facial expression throughout tells us all we need to know about how happy he is to be marrying this lovely lady.

Just look at the two of them! They were literally dancing for joy during our post-ceremony portraits!

And when we headed over into the park for some more portraits, I was delighted to capture some lovely and intimate moments between the two of them.

Then it was time to rejoin the couples’ wedding guests in the private dining room of the famous Ivy Chelsea Garden restaurant.

The Ivy is a great location for Chelsea Wedding Receptions, given that it is such a short walk from the Town Hall. It is also the perfect place to finish my coverage and to wish this couple all the happiness in the world together.

To find out more information about wedding photography at Chelsea Register Office, or to help plan YOUR Brydon Room Wedding Ceremony, head on over to my dedicated Chelsea Old Town Hall page.

The Bride and Groom pose at the entrance to Chelsea Old Town Hall ahead of their civil wedding ceremony.

The bride and groom walk down the aisle together during their Brydon Room ceremony at Chelsea Old Town Hall

Bride and Groom listen carefully to the registrars introduction to their Brydon Room wedding ceremony | ybphotographic

The bride and groom have a giggle during their civil marriage ceremony a the Chelsea Old Town Hall by ybphotographic

The bride and groom get ready to exchange their marriage vows in the Brydon Room at Chelsea Register Office | ybphotographic

The best man performs the important task of bringing out the wedding rings during this civil wedding ceremony at Chelsea Old Town Hall.

The bride and groom exchange wedding rings during their civil marriage ceremony in the Brydon Room at Chelsea Register Office

nothing but joy as the bride and groom are received by their guests on the steps of the iconic Chelea Old Town Hall to celebrate the end of the marriage ceremony

The bride and groom kiss to celebrate their marriage on the iconic steps of Chelsea Register Office by YBPHOTOGRAPHIC

The bride and groom utilise the fabulous Chelsea architecture for their wedding portraits.

Romantic wedding portraits in black in white, following this bride and grooms wedding at Chelsea Old Town Hall, by ybphotographic

The bride and groom pose for portraits ahead of their wedding ceremony at Chelsea Old Town Hall