Groom Preparations in Chelsea | Sean

And now for something completely different! This week I was photographing Groom Preparations in Chelsea!

Sean and his bride Nicola were legally married a year ago to the day in a ceremony at Chelsea Register Office. And now it was time to have the big church wedding. Given that the big day is often about the bride in photography terms, groom Sean decided he wanted to record of his time with his buddies before the wedding too. So he asked me if I would come and hang out with them in the morning.

We had a blast! By the time I got there, the boys were out on the balcony, enjoying the sunshine and a few early beers! And the stories of the groom’s youthful misdemeanors flowed. I haven’t laughed so much in ages! It was a revelation to find out what the boys get up to during groom preparations, given that I’m usually with the bride.

When it was time to getting ready, it was good that there was at least one Brit amongst this group of Young Americans, to help them figure out how get into their “British Wedding” garb. Sean had gone for the full set: morning coat, top hat, even umbrellas to complete the look. And as a thank you to his ushers, best man and dad, he presented each of them with beautiful matching silk ties.

Once everyone was ready, we took the short walk from Sean’s flat to the St. Mary’s Church in the Boltons, where we did a few posed shots before I left the groom to get ready for his wedding ceremony.

Groom's wedding details

Groom Preparations PhotographyGroom portrait by Yvonne BlumeWedding Photography by Yvonne BlumeYBPHOTOGRAPHIC wedding photographyGroom Preparations in ChelseaGroom Photography by Yvonne BlumeGroom and Ushers in top hat and tailsGroom and Ushers in top hat and tailsGroom and best man in morning coat and top hat by Yvonne Blume


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