Bride wears red for Marylebone marriage

I knew we were going to have a fun day for Georgina and Sam’s Marylebone marriage ceremony, after they couldn’t stop laughing with each other during our pre-wedding shoot. But I didn’t expect Georgina to be wearing a RED wedding dress! She looked gorgeous!

They were also well prepared. Both were fully dressed and ready to go at Dean Street Townhouse an hour before they were due to leave for their ceremony. All that was left to do was a tiny lipstick touch up.

Pink and white wedding bouquet

Bride in red makes the finishing touches to her make-up at Dean Street Townhouse.

… so instead, we decided to use the spare time we had for some portraits.

Bridal preparation photo of bride wearing red at Dean Street Townhouse

A bride and groom get ready for their Marylebone marriage at Dean Street Townhouse

Quirky wedding portrait by London register office wedding photographer Yvonne Blume.

Groom wedding photo at Dean Street Townhouse before his Marylebone marriage to Georgina.

The couple’s close friends and witnesses, Kelli and Sam, were with us at the hotel too, ready for their part in the Marylebone marriage ceremony.

Wedding photos at Dean Street Townhouse before the Marylebone marriage of Georgina and Sam.

Time to head towards Marylebone..

Bride in the back of a her wedding car photographed through the open door.

Bride and Groom kiss in the back of their wedding taxi

… where we had planned time for some outdoor portraits in the nearby park…

Bride wears red and a fur stole for her Marylebone Marriage ceremony.

Groom and best man share a joke with groom holding the wedding bouquet

Bride and groom photos before their Marylebeone marriage ceremony in the City of Westminster, London.

Bride and Groom walk to their Marylebone wedding ceremony.

… before heading to the venue for day’s wedding ceremony, Westminster Register Office in Old Marylebone Town Hall.

Old Marylebone Town Hall

…. where I couldn’t resist the chance to grab another couple of shots of gorgeous bride Georgina.

Bride wears red, one-strapped full-length gown for wedding photos in Marylebone.

Waiting for the ceremony to begin in Marylebone.

Then finally it was time for the ceremony in the Yellow Ceremony Room. And it was typical of this very happy couple, that they would both dissolve into fits of laughter during the ceremony.

Marylebone marriage ceremony in the Yellow Room.

The bride and groom exchange rings during their Marylebone civil marriage ceremony in the Yellow Room.

The bride and groom kiss during their civil marriage ceremony while a witness signs the register.

The bride and groom leave the town hall in a flurry of confetti from their guests.

After a few formal group shots on the steps of the register office, we all walked to our final destination, Vinoteca wine bar for the cheese and champagne reception.

The bride and groom leave Marylebone with their guests after their civil marriage ceremony.

The bride and groom arrive at Vinoteca in Marylebone for their wedding reception.

Both Kelli and Sam gave speeches to congratulate the bride and groom.

Bride and groom share a kiss during the speeches at Vinoteca in Marylebone, London.

During the wedding breakfast speeches at Vinoteca in Marylebone.

Touching wedding speeches make the bride cry during their reception at Vinoteca in Marylebone.

The bride and groom are congratulated on their Marylebone marriage celebrations.

The bride, groom and guests during their wedding speeches at Vinoteca in Marylebone.

The groom during the speeches at his wedding reception at Vinoteca in Marylebone.

Groom toasts his bride during his wedding speech at Vinoteca, the venue for their wedding reception in Marylebone.

And of course, these days, no wedding is complete without a quick status update on Facebook!

A bride and groom photo for a change of status update on Facebook. The bride is wearing red!

The lucky couple are now on a 2 month honeymoon of Southern Europe before finally returning home to their native Australia. Safe travels to them both!




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