Mayfair Library Winter Wedding | Nadia and Paul

This Mayfair Library Winter Wedding started pretty late on this December afternoon, and we knew it would be dark by the time the ceremony finished. So bride and groom, Nadia and Paul, decided it would be a good idea to photograph the wedding portraits before the ceremony instead, whilst we still had some daylight. The weather wasn’t really on our side, and the rain kept coming and going, but personally, I don’t worry too much about a little bit of rain on a wedding day. Not only is it mean to be good luck, but also does it give us the chance of some lovely and intimate portraits snuggling up under the umbrella.

Once we’d finished the portraits, we went inside for the couple’s intimate civil ceremony in the Marylebone Room, with just the two witnesses in attendance. For a change, we also snuck the lovely Westminster Registrars, Neil and Amanda, into one of the photographs – they’re normally quite shy, these registrars :-).

As predicted, the sun had set by the time we came out, but we still had a lovely little confetti throw and a group portrait on the Mayfair Library steps. Many congratulations to Nadia and Paul and I hope you enjoy this selection of images from their Mayfair Library Winter Wedding.

Rainy wedding at Mayfair Library by YBPHOTOGRAPHICMayfair Library Winter Wedding | YBPHOTOGRAPHICMayfair wedding portraits in the rain | YBPHOTOGRAPHICMayfair wedding portraits in the rain | YBPHOTOGRAPHICMayfair Library Winter Wedding | YBPHOTOGRAPHICMayfair Library Winter Wedding | YBPHOTOGRAPHICemotional wedding ceremony at Mayfair Library


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