Newborn Photography | Henry

I love newborn photography. There’s something so special about a brand new, freshly baked baby boy or girl. The softness of their skin, their hair, their special smell (and I don’t mean their nappies!)… and they change SO very quickly. The window between newborn and baby and is only a couple of weeks – it might not seem like it when they first arrive, but the difference between the two stages is huge.

So when you’re planning to book a newborn photography session, it is best to do so before the baby is 10 days old, at which point they start to stretch out, their spines straighten and they lose that scrunched up newborn shape.

So, having already photographed Henry’s cousins Ted and Annie, Henry’s parents knew to book his first photosession in as soon as possible. And what a gorgeous little man he is too. He was good as gold all through the shoot, when I recently headed up to Whaddon near Milton Keynes for our session. Henry’s home is lovely and bright, and it was a gorgeous early summer day, so we had fabulous light to work with too.

You can see how proud mum and dad, Alicia and Anthony, are of their little champ, or Hugglemonster as he’s know to his friends. Congratulations to Alicia and Anthony on their perfect new arrival.

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