Professional Children’s Photographer in London | Sara and Leah

Being a professional Children’s Photographer in London, I often have the pleasure to revisit families I have photographed before. I absolutely love watching the children grow from newborns into little people. And so it is with Leah and Sara, with whom I recently had my fourth Professional Children’s Portrait Photography Session in London’s, this time in London’s Regents Park.

It was a lovely day, but thankfully the park wasn’t too busy and we managed to find a few quiet corners where we could play undisturbed – except that is, for the peacock shuffling around in the bushes, and whose unexpected appearances did give the girls a little bit of a fright and made them a bit weary of the noises coming from the unseen areas behind them.

However, any concerns about unseen dangers disappeared when it was time to feed the ducks and chase the pigeons around.

Professional Children's Portrait Photography in London
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Professional Children's Photographer in London
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