Professional Social Media Portrait Photography

Margaret-Anne came to me for professional social media portrait photography to ensure that her online presence, both personal and professional shows her at her best.

With our lives being increasingly lived online, and our different online presences all requiring portrait photographs or avatars, it makes sense to get these photographs done professionally. A professional photographer will be able to help you look your best, naturally, whilst still showing who you really are, through the flattering use of light and poses.

When I’m asked to create professional social media portraits, I always make sure that I get a mixture of styles and images. Some more approachable and friendly, some more serious and professional, some headshots, some longer length images, depending on the client’s needs. The kind of portrait you may want to use for your LinkedIn profile is likely to be different from what you want to share with your friends on Facebook, and different still to what you might want to use on a dating web-site.

Most people are not confident in front of the camera, given that we are not used to posing and exposing ourselves in this way, and a big part of my job is to try and help my clients feel relaxed. Margaret-Anne was very nervous and self-conscious at the start of our session in Holland Park, but half way through she started to relax and we got some lovely shots.


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