Professional and Social Networking Portraits | Charlotte

Our lives are increasing lived online. Whether professionally or socially, the first thing many people see of us is our profile photographs, our social networking portraits, our LinkedIn avatars, our online dating images etc. So it makes perfect sense to want to put your best foot forward and have your social networking portraits or your professional networking portraits taken by a professional photographer. Even many corporate telephone directories now feature a head shot of each company employee.

With this in mind, Charlotte contacted me to update her social networking portraits with some more recent, fresh and natural photographs. I photographed Charlotte and her sister Natasha a while back, but since then, Charlotte has been getting even fitter and looks better and more radiant than ever. We headed into the City of London and were lucky to have a gorgeous and sunny Spring morning for our shoot. And here is a selection of what we got.

Social Networking PortraitsProfessional Portrait Photography by Yvonne BlumePortrait Photography in LondonProfessional Portrait PhotographySocial Networking Portraits by Yvonne BlumeProfessional Portrait Photography

So if YOU don’t want the first thing people see of you to be a drunken iphone snapshot taken in a pub after a messy night out, but instead, want to show yourself in a more flattering light with someone who knows how to get the best from your features, then get in touch and book a session.