Pink Weddings

Collective marketing wisdom says that to attract Pink Wedding clients online, I need to have a page dedicated to Pink Weddings. So here it is:


The Pink Weddings Page

But the truth is, that whether you’re having a pink wedding, or a gay wedding, or a same-sex marriage or whatever term you prefer, to me, it is really just a WEDDING. An event, big or small, where two people who love each other, of whichever gender, make a life-long commitment to each other. THAT’s what’s important. Because no two weddings are alike, period. That holds true whether you are gay or straight. Whether you have been together for 20 years and are finally able to take this wonderful big step together, or whether you’re young and freshly in love – your wedding day will reflect what you two are about.


So when you book me to photograph your Pink Wedding, it is not just the “pink” that will inform my photography, but who you are. As a couple, as individuals, how you interact with each other and your guests; whether you’re outgoing or more reserved, publicly tactile or not, young or young at heart. I am there to capture the love you have for each other, the joy of your wedding day, the emotions, the laughter – without labels.

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Please find below a few links to some of the Pink Weddings that I have photographed and am able to share with you.