Portrait Photography

A portrait lasts forever. Portraits capture a unique time in a person's life - one that can never be regained and which holds specific memories both for its subject and the person viewing it.


Commissioning a portrait is an act of love on many levels. Allowing our image to be taken is a gift of love and affection to those who will cherish those images long after we're gone, and asking for, or purchasing, a portait of a loved one shows how much you care for them.


When photographing my clients, I strive to create images which capture who they really are, placed in their best light, and not a fake, over-edited, over-made-up version of themselves that neither they nor their loved ones will recognise.


My sessions are predominantly photographed on location in London to help me create natural, relaxed, timeless images you will enjoy for many years to come. Working in a number of different locations, be they urban, leafy, or simply my clients' home, offers me the opportunity for variety and creative freedom, and gives my clients the chance to choose an environment which they are comfortable with.

Children's Photography

Children are constantly growing and changing. It’s impossible to keep up. From the scrunched up, wrinkly newborn, to the first smile, from sitting up to the amazing speed of their sprinting crawl, and their first wobbly steps. The changes come and go in the blink of an eye. Then as they mature, they become little people. People with distinct personalities, opinions, interests and pursuits, constantly changing and developing. Words cannot describe just how special these moments are.


But photographs can.


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Your child's first year in pictures

The First Year, in children’s photography terms, really extends out to about 18 months (but it doesn’t make for an easy subject heading) depending on the development of your child. Of course, each child is unique and reaches the different developmental phases at a different time. When booking a baby photography session you need to consider what stage your baby is likely to be at at the time of the sessions, to ensure we get the best possible result.


All my baby sessions take place in your home or in a local public space such as a playground or park (once they start to walk), so that you and your baby can feel completely comfortable in your surroundings, and that you have everything you might need nearby. We take our time so that there is no stress, no requirement for your baby to “perform” and no need to get stressed if baby needs a little "time out” for feeds or for having a little strop.

Black and white photograph of a pregnant woman

Your baby is still a bump and you are glowing with the joy of his or her imminent arrival. Not all mums-to-be are comfortable during their pregnancy, and not everyone revels in their changing shape. I get that. But it is still a wondrous time in your life, and I have never yet seen a mum to be whose eyes didn’t sparkle with love. My maternity portraits are done sensitively with your comfort level in mind at all times. You can reveal as much or as little of your bump as you choose, and we take plenty of breaks to make sure you remain comfortable throughout. Maternity sessions are best held towards the end of your pregnancy, timed to strike a balance between making sure your bump is showing well and you still being physically mobile enough to do the shoot. The exact timing of this will vary from woman to woman.



Newborn babies are incredibly flexible as they’ve been scrunched up in their mummies wombs for months on end, and this flexibility allows us to put your baby into cute poses and for you to cuddle them in lots of different ways. To do this, newborn sessions really need to be done in the baby’s first two weeks. If that is not possible, it is best to wait until your baby is able to support their own head. I recommend for both mums and dads to be wearing soft fabrics to offset your baby’s skin in the photographs.

sitting up

Your baby is sitting up by themselves, pointing at stuff, grabbing things, laughing and gurgling. A great time to capture them!


Your baby is on the move! And you long for the time when you could leave the room for one minute and be sure your baby was where you left him when you come back in. It never ceases to amaze me how fast babies can crawl!


To best capture this time it helps if we have a little bit of space available to us, like a large floor space, or garden.


And now the fun really begins. Your baby is walking. In fact, since she’s discovered her new freedom she usually wants to run as far away from the grownups as possible.


This usually involves me doing a LOT of
running around to get ahead of your little munchkin. This shoot is best done outside in a park or playground, without the confines and lighting conditions of the average home.

Children's location portrait photography

Once your children reach nursery age, the world is our lobster! There are so many things for them to be up to. I love getting to know your kids during our shoot time to help me really capture their developing personalities. This may involve them playing in their homes or outdoors, as long as we’re having fun, that’s all that matters.

A final word about parents:

Many parents initially say they do not wish to be in the photograph. Dads are too busy, Mums haven’t had their hair done, are feeling fat,
are wearing the wrong clothes, are looking/feeling tired… I’ve heard every excuse there is for NOT being in the photographs with your children.


But consider this: Your child loves you. Whether you’ve had your hair done or not. And when you’re long gone and your son or daughter shows that photograph of them playing with you, their mums and dads, to their own children, they won’t care if you were carrying a couple of extra pounds 50 years ago.


All that counts is that you’re in the image!

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