A portrait lasts forever. Portraits capture a unique time in a person's life - one that can never be regained and which holds specific memories both for its subject and the person viewing it.


Commissioning a portrait is an act of love on many levels. Allowing our image to be taken is a gift of love and affection to those who will cherish those images long after we're gone, and asking for, or purchasing, a portait of a loved one shows how much you care for them.


When photographing my clients, I strive to create images which capture who they really are, placed in their best light, and not a fake, over-edited, over-made-up version of themselves that neither they nor their loved ones will recognise.


My sessions are predominantly photographed on location in London to help me create natural, relaxed, timeless images you will enjoy for many years to come. Working in a number of different locations, be they urban, leafy, or simply my clients' home, offers me the opportunity for variety and creative freedom, and gives my clients the chance to choose an environment which they are comfortable with.