Wedding Albums

There is no better way to protect and display your beautiful photographic wedding memories than in a stunning wedding album.

It’s all very well having digital files, but files get corrupted, computers crash and who knows what format you’ll be viewing images in, in 50 years from now? A high quality wedding album, on the other hand, lasts a lifetime and becomes a treasured, irreplaceable family heirloom which is passed down through the generations.

The choice of wedding albums can be confusing, so here is a quick guide to the different albums:

Essentially, you need to decide whether you would like a “matted album”, where actual photographs are individually stuck under a card mount (or mat), or a Coffee Table Book, where the photograph IS the page. I offer two styles of Matted Album, and one Premium Coffee Table Book.

The Standard Wedding Album – an entry level matted album with limited customisation.
The Premium Classic Wedding Album – a completely bespoke matted album, customised completely to your desires.
The Premium Coffee Table Book – a premium quality leather album, with lustre pages and lay-flat page displays.

I also offer an additional range gift and non-album wedding products for you to choose from.