Chelsea Register Office Wedding Photography

Chelsea Register Office Wedding Photography

I love photographing weddings at Chelsea Register Office. Hand on heart I can honestly claim that I am THE expert Chelsea Register Office Wedding Photographer in London! You can be be confident that no one else has photographed more Chelsea Register Office weddings, since the day I started to specialise in photographing intimate weddings here. In fact, I am there so often, I should really have my own office :-).

One of the main reasons I love the place so much, is that such a diverse group of people marry in this most iconic of London Register Offices. From young couples, to brides and grooms in their 70s. Local folks, folks from all over the country, and from all over the world travel to Chelsea, to have their wedding here. And to finish their wedding celebration with one of those famous confetti throws on the Chelsea Register Office steps.

The other thing that makes Chelsea Register Office Weddings so special is the Chelsea Registrars. No matter how busy a day they are having. No matter how many ceremonies they are conducting in a day. They make sure that each and every couple feels as they they are the only ones getting married.

I have certainly photographed more weddings here than any other venue, and the galleries below are designed to show you what your Chelsea Register Office wedding might look like. Whether you are getting married in a most intimate circle of just you and your witnesses, or whether you are filling the Brydon Room to the rafters, I would like to show you what can be achieved with even just a few hours coverage.

Why Two Galleries?

So the two galleries above feature photographs taken exclusively during Chelsea Register Office Weddings with 1.5- 3 hours of coverage. The first gallery aims to show you what YOUR wedding might look like. It features ceremonies in each of Chelsea’s three different rooms: the Brydon Room, the Rossetti Room, the tiny Harrington Room, also known as the “Register Office”. The latter is designed for the most intimate of wedding parties.

After the ceremony we head outside onto the famous Chelsea Register Office steps to photograph the classic confetti throw. We follow this up with some family group photographs. Then I usually spend at least 15 minutes (or more, depending on the booking) with each couple photographing your wedding portraits. So the second gallery is dedicated to showing you lots of lovely, natural, informal wedding portraits in different locations. Almost all of these are within walking distance of the Register Office. So they are completely achievable for your wedding, no matter how small your wedding party or how short your wedding coverage.

Below you’ll find a link to some recent blog posts featuring Chelsea Register Office Weddings and Chelsea Wedding Portraits. You can book me as your Chelsea Register Office Wedding Photographer from as little as 1.5 hours coverage.

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