Mayfair Library Wedding Photography

Whilst the Old Marylebone Town Hall was being refurbished (for nearly 4 years) Westminster Council Register Office weddings were mostly taking place at the Mayfair Library. Now that the Town Hall is back in action, a lot fewer ceremonies are taking place here, but the venue is still being booked and I have a nice back catalogue of weddings I've photographed here to share with you.


The building is still very much a public library, with only the upstairs rooms being used for ceremonies. In their wisdom, London Transport, have placed a “Boris Bike” docking station right in front of the main entrance, which is a great shame, as often there are bicycles in the way of any shots of the bride and groom coming out of the register office, and for this reason, we usually do the family group shots away from the main entrance steps.


From a Mayfair Library Wedding Photography point of view, the rooms have pale blue walls which gives quite a cool feeling to the photographs taken here, but on the plus side, there is plenty of window light. Also, right next door there is a lovely park which is the perfect place for your family groups and wedding portraits. Not only that, but there are plenty of “London-centric” backdrops for portraits it the surrounding streets.


The two galleries above will give you a detailed idea of what can be achieved within 1.5-2 hours coverage. The first gallery features storytelling images from before, during and after the ceremony itself. You will see images from both Mayfair Room
ceremonies and also Marylebone Room ceremonies.The second gallery is all about relaxed and natural bride and groom wedding portraits, taken in the immediate vicinity of the register office.

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